New Year’s Toast

From my heart and core.

It’s nearly time to put a pretty fantastic year to bed. In 2011, I put FaceBook to work for my business. I got t-shirts designed, made, and onto many of your backs. We worked hard, then harder, and made brides-to-be buffer and new mommies slimmer. I learned from you all and I certainly hope you learned a thing or two from me. I feel like I’m giving everything I’ve got to my “ladies,” my trainees, and my workouts, but there is always, always room to grow. So look forward to many new challenges from the Fitness Girl in 2012.

#34: Small Steps Forward

New Year’s resolutions are oh-so cliché. And yet…

There’s something about the new year, the clean slate, that motivates us to make positive changes. I see it maybe more than a lot of people because of my business, since starting a new workout routine ranks pretty high on the list of all-time-most-cited resolutions. I get it, I really do. It’s more “me” to use every new month—or even week—as a chance to start fresh, but how wonderful it must be to be able to put something you really don’t want to do off for months at a time! I’ll start next year! Really! In 2012 I’ll be ready!

Maybe one of your resolutions this year can be this: Resolve to use each new day—each new hour!—as a jumping-off point for those things you’d really like to see yourself do. Resolve to start now. When you take baby steps—walk just 10 minutes on the treadmill; eat out just one less time a week—your stride gets stronger fast. Soon you’ll be walking 20 minutes and buying new cookbooks. But you can’t rush to the end result. You have to be patient and see those baby steps as part of the entire picture. Without them, you’ll never get to the long strides. The baby steps are all part of the plan. That weight won’t just fall off because you worked out really hard one time. But you’re better off than you were before that one workout.

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OMG. Did you know you can add Karen the Fitness Girl classes and training to your Amazon wish list? It’s true!! Amazon lets you add items from outside the Amazon world now. You have to install an add-on button through Amazon, and thereafter, anytime you see something you’d like to add to your wish list, you just click on the button. For classes or sessions with me, you just go to, click on the Amazon button, and input the amount of moolah you’d like to see go toward precious moments with the Fitness Girl! Giving the gift of “you” time (or should I say “me” time?) just got even easier. I love it!