What SHAPE is your parachute?

Let’s start by just getting it out on the table, not trying to get too deep. What holds you back from making the commitment to putting foot to treadmill five to six days a week? I know some of you could make this interesting, but I said let’s not get too deep yet. (If you want to psychoanalyze, do it while you’re on the elliptical.) For most of you, there are basic, boring, over-explained reasons that fitness is lacking in your life. It’s the time thing. Energy. Priorities. They’re real reasons, I know. They’re just not flying with me anymore.

I’m pretty sure many of you wish you could hire someone to exercise foryou…and I understand. I do–really. It’s true that I love to exercise and that it’s wormed its way into my priority list over the years. But I’m busy, too, and I know that doing sit-ups while watching the evening news isn’t for everyone.

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