New Strength Training for Beginners Class! Saturdays at 9:30.

You know you’re supposed to be lifting weights, but need help getting started? This class is for you. I’ll make sure you know basic exercise names and that you’re using proper form, and introduce you to different types of gym equipment. As the weeks progress, you’ll find your coordination will improve, and you’ll be able to use different muscle groups within a single exercise to make your workouts more interesting and challenging!

Contact me for details, or sign up via the Classes tab on this website. Can’t wait to get you STRONG!

One thought on “New Strength Training for Beginners Class! Saturdays at 9:30.”

  1. Is the strength training class for beginners that starts on April 10 what you have an asterisk by in your schedule (Tuesday nights)? I believe I would like to sign up for that class. It’s $96?

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