#47 Benched

Should you work out when you’re injured?

Feel like you’re benched because you pulled a muscle? Don’t be so quick to let yourself off the hook. You can get in an excellent workout despite your injury, and without causing further pain.

Say you pull a muscle in your leg so you call off your run for the next day. Sure. Of course. But if you have a training session scheduled for two days later, there’s no need to cancel your appointment. A good trainer will be able to work around your injury, and give you an excellent workout that will make you question why you ever considered canceling.

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#46 Party Games

What to do when there’s no veggie tray.

Here’s a scenario to ponder: You’re at a party as your husband/boyfriend/significant other’s sidekick and he/she goes off to talk to his/her friends, leaving you smiling nervously at a bunch of people you don’t know. What is the natural thing to do? Check out the food table. Grab a drink. Take sips of your drink. Munch on chips. Search for the veggie tray. Find no such tray. Eat more chips.

This scenario was brought to mind thanks to a training client of mine who recently shared that she was at a party as her husband’s sidekick, was left by herself, found herself alone at the food table with no veggie tray in sight, and didn’t know what to do but munch on chips.

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