#15: Hovering

As in me, hovering over you.

I can’t be with you every day, but oh, how I would like to be. I want to watch over each and every one of you who are working so hard to be the person your spirit says you are inside that body of clay we are molding!

I suggest we try some challenges together, to keep us working together even when we’re not face to face.

Diet: Go plant-based. If you are a meat eater, try going vegetarian for 2 days next week. If you are a vegetarian, try going vegan. Then keep that up for 1 month. Don’t go eating out of boxes, though. You can easily fall into that trap—“Well, it says it’s vegan, so it must be good for me.” Not necessarily so. Almost everything you eat should be from the produce section! (See my recipe for Nut Burgers in this Blog section for a great example.)

Exercise: Don’t skip your cardio! At least 30 minutes of heartrate-increasing cardiovascular work at least 5 days a week for weight loss. Period. Get out there and walk some of these city hills. Then get your weight training in, twice a week if possible, rain or shine. Routine makes you crave your workout instead of dread it. Your challenge next week is to add 1 more 30-minute workout into your week. See if you can repeat it the next week and the next, and by golly, you might just get used to it.

Sleep: I know I’m not one to proselytize on this topic, but even I am making a concerted effort to get more sleep. Without it, you’ll likely choose nap over workout, and if you do choose workout, it’s less effective than it could be. Challenge: Get your zzzzzzzzzs please! Get to bed 15 minutes earlier every day next week. After a week, you won’t even notice the shift anymore. I should know—it’s what we’re trying in our house, and it’s working!

Notice I said “next week” for each of the above challenges. I’m giving you a few days to plan and get pumped up for change. If you’re ready to start now, do it. Otherwise, start fresh on the day of your choice. But do it for a whole week. Report to me. Tell me what challenges you’re facing in trying to stay true to your goals. I promise to come up with (plausible) solutions! Let’s create your new shape together. Ready? Go!