#9 Being Thankful

Let us give thanks, shall we?

Let us give thanks, shall we? For our childbearing hips, our matronly triceps, our formidable will to shrink our tummies. For the stamina to chase children, work hard, and play harder. For the mental clarity to know the difference between “needs work” and “fine the way it is.” For the mental agility to see what is possible and the lucidity to accept what is futile (and the ability to forgive ourselves for it).

Thank you for the tiny pockets of time that are truly little gifts, fifteen unexpected minutes when we can read or drink some tea out of a mug instead of a to-go cup. Thank you to our babies for the occasional really good naps.

Thank you to the ones who love us, for loving us.

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#8: The (Too) Skinny

How do we stay on the safe side of skinny?

I caught Portia De Rossi (now Degeneres) on Oprah the other day. She was discussing her new memoir, called Unbearable Lightness. Who knew she’d had such a desperate relationship with food not so long ago? Well, okay, we all did, if we watched Ally McBeal, but I didn’t understand that the actresses we rolled our eyes at, saying they were too skinny, actually had serious eating disorders. When Portia hit her lowest point, she was 82 pounds!

It struck me as I listened to her talk how very hard it is, for a lot of people, to watch what they eat and stay mentally healthy about it. Once you’re “watching what you eat,” maybe counting calories, it’s not terribly difficult to see how you might get a little too into it, and start flirting with bulimia, deprivation, or at least obsession. I realize I’m lucky because it isn’t hard for me to be moderate in most things I do. I have pretty fierce willpower, so I can say no to dessert if I want to. But what makes it so much easier is that I usually say yes. I just stop after one cookie instead of eating two or three or a whole box. It sounds so easy, I know.

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