#9 Being Thankful

Let us give thanks, shall we?

Let us give thanks, shall we? For our childbearing hips, our matronly triceps, our formidable will to shrink our tummies. For the stamina to chase children, work hard, and play harder. For the mental clarity to know the difference between “needs work” and “fine the way it is.” For the mental agility to see what is possible and the lucidity to accept what is futile (and the ability to forgive ourselves for it).

Thank you for the tiny pockets of time that are truly little gifts, fifteen unexpected minutes when we can read or drink some tea out of a mug instead of a to-go cup. Thank you to our babies for the occasional really good naps.

Thank you to the ones who love us, for loving us.

It is Thanksgiving, after all, so let’s say a big thank you to the earth for providing us with hearty leafy greens to make our insides sing, a rainbow of succulent root vegetables to braise and glaze and stew when outside it’s cold and the activity in the kitchen keeps us warm. Thank you to our families for being with us, physically and otherwise. Thank you also to friends who so often fill in blanks that need filling, give an opportunity for a laugh when that’s just what we needed. Thank you to whoever discovered that red wine is good for you.

I’d like to find a way to thank someone in politics, but I’m struggling. So thank you to all of my clients, who help me afford my taxes.

I think it’s nice that we get to do some inward looking at Thanksgiving to find the sources of our gratitude. That way we can begin the new year already grateful, yet with plenty of ideas for what we would like to improve upon. Thank you for reading this. Be nice to yourself this holiday. Eat a slice of pie and celebrate all you have to be thankful for!