#21: The Laws of Attraction

Believe the hype.

Some of you will think I’ve gone off the deep end, but hopefully most of you know that I’m just the sort of person who likes to see for myself what the hype is about. I read the first Harry Potter book, for example. I watched an episode of “Modern Family.”

The Secret piqued my interest a while ago, but just recently when someone mentioned it again, I thought, there’s a movie now, that’s not a huge commitment—I’ll check it out. We watched it the other night, and it turns out The Secret is not such a big secret, as far as I’m concerned. The message, though, I do contend, is powerful and valuable. Basically, that message is: focus on the positive and you will attract more of the same.

I am a believer in the laws of attraction, though I only just learned that these laws have a name. Count your blessings, keep a gratitude journal, appreciate the good rather than criticize the bad….these are all things I do on a moment-to-moment basis, though all I think I’m doing is keeping myself in a positive frame of mind so as to cope with an otherwise pretty tough day. I’m known to say, “You can redeem the day,” whether from an eating standpoint or a mood standpoint, and this is exactly the point of The Secret—shift your thinking, and things will turn around. Even after spilling your coffee, ripping your hose and backing into the mailbox. Taking a moment to put all that behind you and start fresh from there really will turn it around.

So in some sense, I think I’ve got it right. But staying positive doesn’t equate with staying calm, cool and collected, which is what I SO wish I could achieve. That Obama coolness under pressure is what I’m going for. Every moment seems accounted for, no time to relax (though taking time to relax might be exactly what is needed here), so MUCH to do! I would like to be the person who says, “So it didn’t get done today. So what? I’ll get to it tomorrow. Or next week.” Mike recommended meditation, and I think he might have something there. But who has time to meditate?!

Maybe I’ll start right now. I will stop typing and sit still for just 5 minutes and contemplate the laws of attraction. I’ll let you know how it goes.