#50 It Is About You

Guilty of always looking outside yourself for the answer?

Have you ever said, when thinking about taking weight off, “I think I should get my thyroid checked out”? Are you smiling to yourself right now because you SO have?

You know when you’re feeling something that’s not normal but you can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, so you go to the doctor and actually feel relief when you find out that something really is amiss, and that this little pill will make it better? It’s so much better than walking around wondering if you’re imagining things, or worse, feeling the abnormal thing but not knowing how to fix it. We like to FIX things. And our weight problems need to be fixed. Unfortunately, weight problems can’t be fixed (safely) with a pill—the only magic tricks are patience and discipline. Imagine if the flu could only be cured by patience and discipline. Holy cow, this would be one sick country.

Those extra pounds you’re carrying are YOUR problem. You can look outside yourself for reasons, and you will find them—psychological: I eat because I’m unhappy, my mother never let me eat sugar, etc.; physical: I can’t lose weight because I have low metabolism, food allergies, etc.; emotional: I eat when I’m stressed out. But no matter how you analyze it, those pounds are still yours, and there’s nobody else who can make them go away but you, with patience and discipline.

If you lose 2 pounds and feel discouraged because it was only 2 pounds, pick up a 2-lb. weight and imagine taking that off your backside. Every 2 pounds matters. It’s a slow process, but if you learn how to fix the problem by changing your entire lifestyle—rather than just popping a pill—the weight will stay off once you get to your desired state of being. Stop wasting precious time talking to doctors and psychics. Get your butt in the gym.

Tough talk? Nah. You can do it. And nobody else can do it for you.