What Not to Skimp on This Year

Resolve to spend your money on the right things.

Some things I don’t skimp on, and I don’t think you should either:

  • Skincare products (If you can’t eat them, why would you put them on your skin?)
  • Healthy foods
  • Workouts

I guess in my 41st year I’m acknowledging that I’ve been working since I was 11 years old, so if organic apples cost $6 instead of the $3 for heavily sprayed ones, I’m going for the organic variety.

Where do you come in? If I know you, person in the world, you are hatching New Year’s resolutions even as we speak. Everything becomes a resolution in the last days of the year. Oh, no problem! I’ll lose those calories when I start my new, improved, super high-intensity workout plan in the new year. Caught you! And one of those resolutions on your list, likely one or two down from “exercise more,” is “spend less money.”

That is a good plan, and I second the motion. But that doesn’t mean skimp. If you decide to hire a personal trainer, don’t do it at a gym in a box. Do your research, find a really good one, and try it out once. If it feels right, buy a package of sessions so you save money over the long term. You’ll reap more benefits, feel more of a connection and learn how to start doing the same moves on your own.

Seek out enough workout solutions that are worth your time and money so that your week is filled with exercise you look forward to. You might need to choose a few things to cut back on—like premium cable or buying books versus borrowing them from the library—but spending a bit more on really excellent, fun workouts might just help you keep up with your exercise goals for the year.

Reward yourself for keeping up with your goals. (But not with food!!) Treat yourself to a form-fitting pair of workout pants from Lululemon. Or get a fun new haircut… or a well-deserved massage! Taking care of yourself is nothing to feel guilty about. It’s not a splurge—it’s an investment. (Wink!)

GOOD LUCK! I’m always here if you need to bounce off some of your resolution ideas on someone who cares that you succeed!