Word on a Wall

Put your goals where you can see them.

Think this one through, because the answer you choose might be staring you in the face every day for a year or more. What one word or phrase should you write on a piece of paper and place on a wall at eye level so that you will have no choice but to see it every single day?

Mine: Be responsible for the energy you bring into the room. 

It’s on a small, pretty piece of paper on a cork board about 2 inches above the screen where I am currently typing. I don’t just see it, I read it, every day, actually multiple times a day, and it helps.

I love the phrase, I find it incredibly meaningful, and I do believe I’ve internalized it. Yet for some reason, actually laying eyes on the words makes me do better. It’s physical, it’s right there, so it’s not a thought I can forget or save for later. It literally instantly makes me change my facial expression.

There is a reason people like me (in the changing lives business) tell you always to write things down. Keep a food diary. Write down your New Year’s resolutions. Keep a list of goals. Make to-do lists. It’s because when you put these things in front of your face it is much harder to ignore them!

There are apps, calendars, pretty tablets, and downloads available for you to create your lofty lists. My current favorite is here: http://tinyurl.com/9wfje4m.

So dream BIG! Get things done. But I urge you to start with one word. Put it out there, right at eye level. Make it real. And do better.