#45 Hunger Games

There’s no need to play hunger games with your body.

Oh, the games we play to stave off hunger, pretend we’re not hungry, rationalize that we’re hungry again already…

What would happen if we all just very simply listened to our bodies, fed ourselves what we need to survive, and resolved hunger at the physical level?

I guess I’m turning back to the “food as fuel” idea. Feeding yourself the things your body needs to maintain good health should be enough. But somehow we still intertwine emotion with food. Not just a little emotion—but downright passion. How can you stop doing it?

You might not need to. Just because you love shopping for food does not mean you’re destined to be fat. I love shopping for food! I love the vivid colors of the peppers, the gorgeous piles of apples, the luscious clusters of grapes. I also love the smells that come from the bakery, and bread samples at the Farmer’s Market? Don’t mind if I do. You can love food and still make smart choices. You can sample the goodies and not blow your whole diet.

It’s nothing new to say, “listen to your body,” but…do you? Listen to your body? If you’re hungry, don’t pretend you’re not. Drink a glass of water if you’re hoping to put off eating for a while. Or munch on some almonds and raisins. If you’re truly hungry all day, you probably burned a lot of calories earlier and are deserving of some extra sustenance. Or you’re simply not feeding yourself enough filling food to last a longer period of time without more food. Don’t deny yourself. Listen to that belly. Pick something with filling fiber like an apple, or even an apple with peanut butter, instead of a handful of Chex mix that leads to a handful of M&Ms.

There’s no need to play hunger games with your body. Give in—just learn how to give in in healthful ways. If you need more nutritious snack advice, I’m always happy to help. Or share your snacking ideas here so everyone can benefit. We are so lucky to live surrounded by an abundance of food. There’s no need to shield your eyes!