A Brownie for Breakfast?

Good habits are hard to form, but form them we must.

I just read an article in O magazine that suggests that a brownie at breakfast might help you lose weight. I’m thinking: really? That sounds like brilliant advice to give people who struggle with weight loss. Start the day off with 400 extra calories. Really?

This is not a review of O magazine. If it were I would have LOTS to say about the heavy cream that is an ingredient of almost every recipe they share. This is just me wondering, could that really work? Eat sweets at breakfast to stave off cravings the rest of the day? And is it worth it to try it?

My personal take usually involves the word “moderation,” so I would never say “never eat dessert.” That would make me a hypocrite, for one thing. Everyone, overweight and under, deserves sweet treats now and then. However, it is also my opinion that it is hugely important to develop good habits. And training yourself to eat dessert every morning does not a good habit form. Even if you’re a dessert devotee, aren’t there nights you say, “Nah, I’m truly satisfied—I can pass on dessert tonight”? If you looked forward to chocolate every morning—and you knew that was it for dessert for the day—I think it would be much harder to decide to skip it…which means you’re pretty much signed up to eat that sugary treat every single day. Did they THINK about this before they printed it? The more I write, the angrier I’m getting.

Bad habits—like eating too many sweets—are hard to break, but good habits are also hard to form. If both are hard, let’s concentrate on the good ones! It takes work to create a virtuous routine. Continue starting your day with a wholesome breakfast, eat dessert in moderation, and always always find a way to fit movement into your day. Okay, that’s it—you can stop thinking about the brownie for breakfast idea now….