What NOT to Say to Your Trainer

Trust your trainer–or find a new one.

You are dissatisfied in some way by your body. I get it. If you train with me, it is now my problem, too. But it is NOT my fault.

Here is something you should never say to a (good) trainer: (Said with ‘tudeI don’t know, you tell meYou’re the trainer.

Indeed I am. And I dare say I’m a good one. So if I ask you a question, like, “Does this feel like a good weight for you?” then you should trust that I have good reasons for asking, and then you should answer. Trainers have many different styles. Some are more drill sergeant, some are all about the heavy. [If you are uncomfortable with your trainer’s style, know that there are many others out there, and you should “date” trainers until you find a good match for your needs.]

Me—my style is tough but gentle. A butt-kicker who’s not afraid to rock a cute top while kickin’. I want to cut the muscles on your arms using lighter weights so you look like a girl. But I know what I’m doing. So it’s insulting when I hear that Don’t-ask-me-I’m-paying-you-to-tell-me voice.

I’m well aware that you’re paying me. In fact, I am in awe that you’re paying me to make you exercise. I’m grateful every single day that I get paid to make people do my bidding in the gym. I LOVE what I do, I do it with bells on, and you come here and ask for more! I am so lucky!

So I get it, I won’t waste a single muscle-movement of your hour. But this is my plea to you who train, with me or with any other trainer: Trust your trainer. Answer his or her questions, knowing there is a method behind it all. I’m not asking if you are okay with the exercise because I’m nervous I’m doing something wrong. I’m asking because you are paying me and it’s your workout and I want it to be the workout you need on this particular day.

And I’ll tell you something else: If you have a trainer who only tells and never asks, I’d wonder if that’s the right trainer for you.