A Nap? Or a Workout?

Sapped of energy and with only an hour to spare, which would you choose?

To nap or to work out? Both rejuvenate the body and mind, but only one burns calories. For me, it’s a no-brainer.

If you said “nap,” you’re not unhealthy for it–a nap is definitely worthwhile as long as you’re not one of those who wakes up in the middle of the day grouchy and wishing they hadn’t napped–but I love the idea of inspiring you to choose “work out” over time.

Trust me, these days, with my 4-month-old crying at all hours of the night, a nap appeals to me more than ever when I have a moment of down time. Still, I make myself go for a walk with the little guy at the very least. It might not be the most vigorous workout, but I know my body needs to move. Then if there’s time left over, I get to lie down. If only there were ever time left over.

How do you make that mental shift? As we must do with most healthy changes, start slowly. Try it once–when you catch yourself heading for the couch, think about how great you’ll feel after you are done exercising. If you think you’re too low energy to have a worthwhile workout, try it anyway. Chances are once you pass the 5-minute mark, your energy will spike and you’ll be glad you bothered. If the energy never comes, well, simply getting your body moving burned more calories than you would have inhaling and exhaling on the couch, right?

Also, don’t forget that exercising helps you sleep better at night. And if you sleep better at night, you won’t need to nap as often. Unless, of course, you have a 4-month-old crying at all hours of the night…