Your Body Must Reside on This Planet…

so we must treat our planet as we treat our bodies

I am inspired by the two movies I’ve managed to see in full since the birth of my son several months ago: Food, Inc. and No Impact Man. I already live a pretty environmentally aware life–we take tupperware to restaurants instead of using to-go boxes, pick up recyclable litter on walks and always bring our own bags to stores. But seeing these movies made me want to be even more vegetarian! I want to do MORE.

On reflection, I think it makes sense that people who care about their bodies would care about their Earth. I go to great lengths to make time for exercise, cook healthy foods, nurture my mind… only to walk around breathing in pollutants and kicking trash out of my way? It doesn’t jive. Rather than pick up and move to the Pacific Northwest–and believe me, it’s been considered over and again–I know that I must make strides here in my own city toward creating a healthier place to live.

So first, Food, Inc. Go get it and watch it. If you aren’t already a vegetarian it will make you at least consider it, and maybe dip your toe in for a try. Not only because of the cruelty behind the farming of the animals you eat, but also because of the corruption of the industry, and the lurking diseases, and the simple truth about the unhealthiness of eating meat. Please know that I think no less of people who eat meat (I still eat fish, after all). I only encourage you to learn more about the other side.

Then see No Impact Man. You’ll see a family explore the possibility of living–a good, full life–while making virtually no impact whatsoever on the planet. As a result, the wife reverses her pre-diabetic condition, learns to cook, gives up her ridiculous caffeine addiction, and reduces drastically her habit of overconsumption (of goods). That’s just the start! You’ll want to visit farmer’s markets, compost and go for a bike ride after you see this movie. See the connection? Being good to the planet corresponds to being good to yourself.

One more bike ride equals one less drive in the car. One meal prepared using locally farmed goods equals one local farmer supported, and a healthier meal on your plate. This is a huge, huge topic, but you can look at it in the simplest of terms: take care of yourself…and thus take care of your planet. Do what YOU can do. Then pass it on.